About Us
About Our Business
ACFM Dynamics works to provide full-system support, from the
design phase thru installation.  We offer custom-made acoustical
and thermal blankets to tailor sound and ambient requirements, and
system accessories such as flexible connections, ductwork
plenums, equipment skids or automatic bearing lubrication systems.
Our experience in the industry allows us to offer full support, from
system troubleshooting and fan balancing to overseeing

Phil began working with air moving equipment  in 1979 when he
was hired for The New York Blower marketing department.  In 1990,
he moved to the custom air equipment manufacturing company of
Air Enterprises, Inc. of Akron Ohio and in 1997 moved to the New
York tri-state area where in 2002 ACFM Dynamics, LLC was begun
as a manufacturer's representative.  Phil's business experience with
moving air is very well-rounded.  Any air moving questions, or
system design questions can be easily answered by Phil.

Cynthia also began working in 1979 for The New York Blower
Company marketing department. After taking  time to learn business
skills, she opened ACFM Dynamics, LLC as a women-owned
company in 2002. With additional experience in import and export
paperwork,  freight shipments out of the United States follow  
familiar procedures.  Cynthia mans the inside sales office providing  
quotes, and is the main contact for accounting or advertising
Phil Ritola
Cynthia Ritola
Proud Members of the U.S.
Women's Chamber of Commerce*
CT Womens Development Center

*WBE Certification thru USWCC is in process